6 Truths Canadian Doctors Really Want to Tell Their Patients

Posted by Julie Tremblay Roy on 18/02/20 10:22 AM

As a digital healthcare company, we’ve found ways to tackle most of the time-wasting tasks healthcare providers face. We’ve simplified EMR data, put guideline standards side-by-side with patient results, and even created a tool to match patients with support programs.

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“Should my Clinic be on Facebook?”: Getting Serious about Social Media for Medical Professionals

Posted by Julie Tremblay Roy on 14/01/20 11:38 AM


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Ultimate Calendar of Health Awareness Days, Weeks, & Months in Canada

Posted by Julie Tremblay Roy on 16/12/19 9:54 AM

Editor’s note - This is a super comprehensive list of awareness days in Canada. If you want to cut through the detail and scan all the dates at once, check out our 2020 health awareness day calendar.

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Across Canada, there are dozens of healthcare promotion days, weeks, and months throughout the year. Healthcare providers have many reasons to keep an eye on awareness dates, especially those which are relevant to their patients. But, how can you keep track of all these dates throughout the year? What activities and resources can clinics use to make the most of these dedicated days, weeks, and months?

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Auxita’s osteoporosis update will automate the basal 10yr fracture risk calculation for all patients #PurpleProud

Posted by Bill Love on 18/11/19 10:30 AM

November is National Osteoporosis Month! In support of those managing osteoporosis and their healthcare providers, we are pleased to announce that we will be adding the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Osteoporosis in Canada to our platform. 

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6 Amazing, Affordable Digital Health Innovations That Will Revolutionize Your Canadian Clinic

Posted by Julie Tremblay Roy on 12/11/19 9:34 AM

Throughout Digital Health Week, the medical community is abuzz with articles about innovation - from new software to the future of AI to e-health capabilities and more. 

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Auxita announces the successful closing of A$5 million, third-round equity placement

Posted by Camille Morin on 10/11/19 7:19 PM

Brisbane, Australia – November 11, 2019 – Auxita, today announced that it has successfully closed an oversubscribed A$5 million, third-round equity placement by private and institutional investors.

This capital raising strengthens Auxita’s balance sheet and positions the organisation for accelerated growth and to take advantage of new opportunities under evaluation.

Auxita Chairman, Peter Turnbull, said: "This funding highlights Auxita's success in the Canadian and Australian markets and supports the growing demand for Auxita’s innovative platform.”

Auxita will use the funds to expand its sales and marketing programs, invest in research and development, and increase its workforce to deploy Auxita in more physicians' practices.

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Balancing appointment time and quality in your MD practice

Posted by Dr. Barry Dworkin on 22/01/19 10:30 AM

Busy doctors often feel torn between two competing priorities: time and quality.

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How Data Visualizations Transformed my Medical Practice

Posted by Dr. Barry Dworkin on 18/12/18 11:00 AM

“Data visualization” is far from a new concept for physicians. Almost daily, we see an engaging graph in a study, pamphlet or presentation. Presenting a dataset in a visual format makes it easier for our brains to comprehend research results, healthcare trends, and other complex data points.

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4 Red Flags when Evaluating Tech for Your Medical Practice

Posted by Dr. Barry Dworkin on 26/11/18 9:51 AM

Through my 28 years of practice, I have always been an early adopter of new technologies. In the mid-1990s, my patients were greeted by a 10 lb Toshiba laptop, a rarity in doctor’s offices at the time. The trend has continued from there: I quickly adopted an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), tested many tools and even dabbled in programming at home.

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