Balancing appointment time and quality in your MD practice

Posted by Dr. Barry Dworkin on 22/01/19 10:30 AM

Busy doctors often feel torn between two competing priorities: time and quality.

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How Data Visualizations Transformed my Medical Practice

Posted by Dr. Barry Dworkin on 18/12/18 11:00 AM

“Data visualization” is far from a new concept for physicians. Almost daily, we see an engaging graph in a study, pamphlet or presentation. Presenting a dataset in a visual format makes it easier for our brains to comprehend research results, healthcare trends, and other complex data points.

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4 Red Flags when Evaluating Tech for Your Medical Practice

Posted by Dr. Barry Dworkin on 26/11/18 9:51 AM

Through my 28 years of practice, I have always been an early adopter of new technologies. In the mid-1990s, my patients were greeted by a 10 lb Toshiba laptop, a rarity in doctor’s offices at the time. The trend has continued from there: I quickly adopted an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), tested many tools and even dabbled in programming at home.

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